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KoAlana Special Limited Edition - The 2rue Man Show

เผยโฉมออกมาแล้วครับ :)

The Special KoAlana U-2rue Limited Edition models are limited to 10 sets and include the following extra features:

- Custom KoAlana soprano and concert ukulele with laser engraving, custom fret markers, headstock inlay, and black labels with autographs of Ohta San and Herb Ohta Jr.

- Special leather bags with hot-pressed leather labels and adjustable leather straps

- Special polish and lemon oil with special logo on the bottle caps

- Microfiber cloth

- Special engraving USB thumb drive that contains hours of videos and photos from the 2rue Man Show Concert including behind the scenes reel, interviews, and other extra features

- Sound hole pieces that match the ukuleles with special logo

- Unique photo book contains photos of the ukuleles and the building processes

- Custom wooden box with plush interior, printed plush exterior and magnetic locks

Available exclusively at Baan Ukulele (

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    These are a few of my favorite things… Design & Ukulele! Beautiful packaging, identity, product design and more, for...
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    Pretty… Especially the bags… they’re lovely!
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    these are so beautiful ;w ;
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    KoAloha have always been a cut above.
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    Things we’ll never get to buy…
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