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So I asked Alan and Paul if they could fix Ohta San’s uke. This is what happened. Alan took on the job. 

See how serious he was when it comes to fixing the ukulele. The stake is high. This is THE UKULELE that has been with Ohta San for over 50 years. I told Alan, “Uncle Herb said he doesn’t care how it looks. Just glue it.” 

Alan said “But I care. This is my work.”

He really meant it. 

ผมบอก Alan ว่า Ohta San ไม่แคร์ครับขอให้แค่ติดกาวให้ก็พอ แต่ Alan แคร์ครับ … มากด้วย

Stay tuned for how Alan fixed THE UKULELE.

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